nepotato: Hey I just wanted to say that you're super cute and I love the blog!

Awh thank you! I haven’t updated this blog in around 2 years though. It’s a side blog hahahah (main blog is bubblegumsproblem) 

uh… beg to differ. Heather is a perf. :3

No, I disagree

Are these nice anons from my friends?? I’m so confused why anybody but  Frank, Mikey, Sauron and the tiny lady whose name I can’t spell would be nice to me. 

U guys u can stop hiding now ;; 

Anonymous: You're my favorite cosplayer.

Oh my god why how what even frghhsdufhudf <3333 
You’re way too kind and I don’t deserve that at all!  

Why are people being nice to me???

I don’t deserve it

Anonymous: You are too cute. Omgosh.

Oh gosh no! /////// 
Why are you hiding behind a grey face though jfvnkjvffj